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What is PickTOUR?

PickTOUR is the first apparel sourcing digital solution that transforms the traditional process that stands at the head of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM software) into a faster and more standardized activity.
Speed in collecting information, real-time sharing, data integration with any PLM software or company management.
These are the advantages of PickTOUR.

PickTOUR is composed by:

  • PickTOUR mobile, free iPad application
  • Cloud Manager, the web saas solution to collect and manage information

How can it help you?

  • Manage the apparel sourcing tour before the departure
  • Ease and immediacy in collecting information with PickTOUR mobile
  • Real-time sharing of the collected information
  • Export of technical data sheets in PDF format
  • Tidy management of data in the Cloud Manager
  • PLMs system integration
  • Reduce hours/man for cataloging information
  • Reduce the risk of misunderstanding and avoid errors in the manufacturing process
  • Time optimization for the entire apparel sourcing process
  • Speed up supply chain processes
  • Reduce the costs for apparel sourcing activity
Cloud manager Apparel sourcing

Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager is the web saas solution to manage the information collected by PickTOUR Mobile.
The technical data sheets of the selected products can be downloaded and merged into the company’s ERP or PLM software thanks to a rich set of APIs.
With Cloud Manager the entire apparel sourcing process will become an easy, fast and tidy activity

Cloud Manager
PickTOUR timeline
PickTOUR Mobile - Cloud Manager
PickTOUR Mobile

PickTOUR Mobile

PickTOUR Mobile is a free application fo iPad, which can be easily downloaded from Apple Store.
By simply using the iPad, the apparel sourcing activity will become a smart and fun activity.
With PickTOUR Mobile you can: take pictures, write notes and eventually draw modifications to the item directly on pictures, create technical data sheets shareable in real-time with headquarter and suppliers.

Testimonial PickTOUR


PickTOUR is the strategic tool for apparel sourcing, it allows Product Managers and Sourcing Managers to interact directly with foreign suppliers, to share information about items’ modifications agreed during the sourcing tour, and also to send information to the headquarter as soon as the online mode is active. The data will be integrated into company’s management system as some kind of basic technical data sheets which represent the beginning of PLM process.

Daniele Fregnan – Global Logistics & IT Director, Gruppo Benetton


PickTOUR is a solution designed by Sinesy s.r.l.

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