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PickTOUR Mobile


PickTOUR Mobile

PickTOUR Mobile is a free application for iPad, which can be easily downloaded from Apple Store.
By simply using the iPad, items selection for the new collection will become a digital, smart and fun activity.
You can leave your camera, pen and paper at work and you can depart just with a comfortable backpack instead of an heavy suitcase.

With PickTOUR Mobile you can:

  • Manage the apparel sourcing tour before the departure.
  • take pictures with your iPad.
  • modify and write comment directly on the picture (thanks to foto editing function).
  • take note about the selected items (thanks to voice dictation function).
  • manage a complete compo of information regard the selected items (hypothetical selling price, purchase price, minimum quantity purchasable …).
  • create technical data sheets in PDF format.
  • share in real-time the collected data with the headquarter and suppliers.
  • Work off-line and synchronize the PickTOUR app later on.

PickTOUR Mobile advantages:

  • Time optimization to collect and organize data and pictures during the apparel sourcing activity at supplier site
  • Focus your attention just to the selection of the items for the new collection
  • Reduce hours/man for entering data in the company ERP or PLM software
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Standardization of information shared
  • Avoid errors in transcription
  • Reduce the risk of misunderstanding during the purchase phase (all the actors involved have the same information)
  • Reduce waste of paper
Download PickTOUR Mobile

PickTOUR is available on the App Store

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