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Download from your iPad the free App PickTOUR, available on the Apple App Store and register your personal data HERE in order to have 30 days free trial of PRO version (PickTOUR Cloud Manager)

Discover all the advantages and benefits that this innovative digital solution will bring you, in terms of work time saving, paper saving, standardization of the entire process, normalization of collected information and real-time sharing.

Create a tour included included
Add products to a tour included included
Take pictures, take notes (textual or drawings), draw customizations on the pictures included included
Modify pictures included included
Add new suppliers included included
Create technical data sheets (PDF format) included included
Create PDF report about a tour (including all associated products) included
Synchronize and share all the information in real-time with headquarter included
Back-end access to browse the tours sent from the tablet included
Set up base records from server (Brand, Product type, Port, Delivery Terms, Labels, Suppliers) included
Use web APIs to integrate PickTOUR back-end to headquarter's ERP or PLM included
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